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Arnold Schoenberg

For my project I was given Arnold Schoenberg. Arnold was born in Vienna, Austria on September 13, 1874. Austria is in Europe right next to Switzerland and Hungary. My composer lived in the Modern era. Modern era is also known as 20th century. During his lifetime Arnold traveled to Prague. Unfortunately, Arnold died in California on July 13, 1951. He was 77. He died of unknown causes.

He has traveled to Prague in his lifetime.

Arnold wrote many types of pieces including string instruments, piano pieces, symphonic poems, instrumental and orchestral works, monodrama, melodrama, oratorio, cantata, and opera. He also was a teacher, bank clerk, and was in the army.

Arnold became involved in music as a child when he learned how to play the violin. Arnold played violin through his childhood. It is unknown how he learned to play the violin.


Arnold Schoenberg


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For my listening sample I chose Verklarte Nacht.The genre of Verklarte Nacht is string sextet. The music was written for romanticism. The main theme sounds sad and is repeated more than ten times. In the music there are two violins, two cellos, and two violas. The track is 28 minutes and 58 seconds. An interesting fact is that it premiered on March 18, 1902.


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