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Arlo Guthrie

Musical HistoryIn his teens he toured internationally with Pete Segar but his career really took off with the release of his song "Alice's Restaurant". Alices Restaurant is 18 and a half minutes but he can stretch it out to 45 mins. The song was released in 1967 and a movie was made about the song in 1969. He had a minor hit called "Coming to Los Angelel" which he played at the 1969 Woodstock festival. His next big hit was in 1972 and it was a remake of Steve Goodman's song "City of New Orleans". He played in a band called Shenandoah from the 70's to the 90's but he was most famous as a single act. His most popular album Amangio was relesed in 1976. He has created 26 solo albums. He still tours today.

Achievement and Awards-In 1967 he was nominated for a Grammy in the best folk performance category for his song Alice's Restaurant- In 1971 he was nominatied for an Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music for Alice's Restaurant -He was presented with the Peace Abbery Courage of Conscience Award in 1992.

BiographyArlo was born in Brookly NY in 1947. He was the eldest son to Woody Gurhrie and Marjorie Maiza. He had one full sister and one full brother and 6 other half siblings. In his early years he was surrounded by folk artists so naturally he picked it up. He was 13 when he gave his first public performance and soon after he began touring with Pete Seeger from the early to late 60's. He Unfortunately he lost he lost his dad who was battling Huntingtons disease when he was only 20. Arlo has one son, Abe and 3 daughters, Annie, Sarah and Cathy. He was married for 43 years but his wife passed away in 2012 after a short battle with liver cancer.

Arlo Guthrie

Famous SongsAlice's Restaurant-(1967)Gabriel's Mother Highway #16 Blues -(1970)Coopers Lament-(1973)Coming into Los Angeles-(1969)City of New Orleans-(1971)Darkest Hour-(2005)Last to Leave-(2005)

Signature StyleHe is known for playing protest songs against social injustices or songs of story telling just like his father. He plays the Piano, 6 string Guitar, 12 string Guitar and Harmonica. He likes playing Gibson guitars the best.

QuotationWe would turn everything into songs in those days -Arlo Guthrie

Charity WorkArlo is a big supporter of the comitee to combat Huntington's Disease. It is a foundation his mother set up after she lost her husband to Huntingtons. He has bought a church and has converted it into the Guthrie Center, an interfaith meeting place that serves people of all religions. The center provides weekly free lunches in the community and support for families living with HIV/AIDS as well as other life-threatening illnesses.


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