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Arizona Science Center

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The Arizona Science Center is a fully hands on museum that has multiple exhibit’s that are set up for younger children to do different activities to learn things such as how the brain works, different body types, gravity, the foundation of houses and so much more. Children can run from one acticity to another in a safe area filling their head with educational fun.

The Culture

What is it?

Arizona Science Center

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Why Educational?

The science center is educational because everything the children get to do has something to teach them. Even if it is something such as having a child throw a ball into a hoop, the child is thinking and figuring out the proper way to throw it in order to get it in. Also having so many activities makes it so if a child does not like something there is plenty more for them to move onto.

Water exhibit-Kids have to figure out ways to move the balls from one place to another using only the water and air. Children will observe others attempts then try their own ways or improve their peers. Computer teaching foundation-Grabbing attention of children with a computer screen children can sit down and visually build a foundation of a house. Drums that track heart beat-Physically trying to raise their heart beat or even just be calm children and hear a drumbeat to their own heart beat showing them how it can beat at a normal rate as well as speed up due to different things.


The over all culture would be hands on observation learning.

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