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Aristotle made a geocentric model of the universe, with the earth at the very center, unmoving. He believed that each planet, the moon, the sun, and all the stars where fixed on spheres. Each sphere had its own velocities, but kept a constant angular velocity.


384 BC - Born in Stagira Greece367 BC - Enrolls in Plato's Academy338 - Begins tutoring Alexander the Great335 BC - Founded his school, The Lyceum322 BC - Died in Chalcis, Greece

Aristotle was the first person to give proof of the earth being round. Aristotle observed that when a lunar eclipse occurs, the shadow of the earth on the moon was circular, and the only shape that always makes a circular shadow is a sphere.

Aristotle proved that the earth was round. Crazy right?! Well back then it was, and his proof changed how everyone thought. It's now universally know that the world is round, thanks to Aristotle. Also, despite being wrong about the earth being the center of the universe, his geocentric model of the universe paved way for the Catholic Church. They banned teaching of non-geocentric solar system models, so it became a very bad thing to do. So that paved way for the outlandish suggestion and discovery that the earth moved, and was not center of the solar system.


Aristotle's geocentric model of the universe

Aristotle:A Brief HistoryOfAstronomy

Partial lunar eclipse

Our solar system now

Aristotle worte and taught about medicine, physics, astronomy, law, government, logic, and philosophy, just to name a few. His philosophy greatly influenced Christian and Islamic religious thought. Aristotle was mentored by Plato, and Aristotle mentored three kings.

Lasting Impact

Some cool facts about Aristotle


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