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-Aristotle taught the idea of the golden mean. He believed obsevation and comparison were necessary to gain knowledge-He wrote over 200 books on philosophy and science.-He divided all governments into three basic types. His political idea is still used today

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Who is he?



384 BC - Birth374 BC - Aristotle's father dies367 BC - Sent to Plato's Academy348 BC - Quit Athens to continue his education343 BC - Invited by King Philip II to teach his son Alexander335 BC -Started his own School called Lyceum322 BC - Aristotle dies in Euboea

-Great thinker of ancient Greece-Wrote more than 200 works on topics; government, astronomy, and political science-Taught Alexander the Great at Plato's Academy-Started his own school called Lyceum, taught his students "The Golden Mean"[middle position between two extremes]-Studied stars, plants, and animals-Wrote about government and compared different city-states to find best political system-Political idea still shaped political idea's today-Married Pythias, niece of Hermias and had one daughter- After her death, he remarried Herpyllis of Stageira and had a son named after his father, Nicomachus-Aristotle died in Euboea due to natural causes and was buried next to his wife

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