Aristotle the Great Philosopher

by JuliannaKay
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Aristotle the Great Philosopher


Aristotle may have learned Plato's teachings, but he taught his own knowledge. One of the few things you would know by heart when you left his class were the four causes, they were the four questions he asked himself when he was doing anything. Those four questions were: What is the cause or responsible factor of this particular change or motion that I am observing?, What causes this thing to come into existence?, What causes it to pass out of existence?, and What causes motion and change in the universe?. He asked himself these questions a lot to help him fully understand what he was learning or discovering.

Before Aristotle died though he made a huge impact on the world and he very well changed the way a lot of people saw the world. He changed the very meaning of words and discovered things that other people seemed to over look. He distinguished the three differences in Theological science. He eventually divided the science into theology, physics, and mathematics. He also made the discovery of the three different types of Greek philosophy. The three differences were scientific knowledge, practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge. Though these discoveries are minor now, they were ground breaking in his time. Aristotle made so many works and discoveries along with distinctions that his works were turned into a series of six books. Aristotle made a huge enough impact that is teachings spread across Europe and even were translated. He may not have actually invented or create a single object or thing he did make an impact that will stay with us for a long time.

Aristotle was a very famous philosopher who was also a pupil of Plato. Some people even say that he was if not almost as great of a philosopher as Plato himself. As he grew up he spent much of his time where his father worked but later on ended up going to Plato's school. Aristotle was so smart that Plato knew him very well, but this does not mean that they agreed on everything together because that they very well didn't. As Aristotle got older he tutored Alexander the Great but when he died Aristotle fled to his mother’s house to keep from persecution. A few months after reaching is mothers though he died at the age of 62.



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