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Aristotle quote

SummaryHow do we define love? What does it mean to you? And how do you find it?This quote is simply constructed of Aristotle's belief of what "love" is. To Aristotle love is like a guitar without strings; one is incomplete, without the other. ReflectionAlthough this quote seems pretty realistic, not everyone sees love the same way. But, this is how Aristotle, I, and probably many others see it, and that is why I chose this quote. When two people get married, are they not similar? And when you date someone, do you not look for things you have in common with them? This justifies the quote, and why I agree with it. Questions1.) What do you think made Aristotle come up with the phrase?2.) How do you think this effects the audiences view on finding their 'true love'?



1) A Greek philosoher born in Stagirus, Chalcidice in 384 BCE. 2) At the age of 18, he continued his learning at Plato's Academy. Plato was a well known Greek philosopher by that time.3) By 335 BCE, he returned to Athens and founded his own school known as, Lyceum. He tought courses there for the next 12 years.4) Aristotle not only studied every subject of his time, he also made many great contributions to them.LetterDear Aristotle, I greatly appreciate your contributions to the society. I think that what you have done for us really impacts who we are today. I believe that you make us more sagacious than what we would be if you hadn't made all these wonderous discoveries. To your saying, "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.". This quote of yours helps the young generation of this time find their 'true love' by looking in the right directions. Thank you for your doings. Thank you, Heather Orton

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies - Aristotle

True Loveby Heather OrtonWhat is true love?Is it sweet?Is it something nothing can beat?Is it ever lasting?or even over casting?True love is composed,of one single soul.It rests in two people,Something that will never be disposed.

No matter where you are in the world, if you are truely meant to be together, you will find eachother.

Your partners past doesn't matter. You live after the past, in the present,and for the future

When two people are really in love, they will never let go.

HistoryAt the time of Writing this quote, Aristotle had found his love. A woman by the name of Herpyllis. She was his slave, but he eventually freed and married her. She then bore his son Nicomachus, who he later tributed his work, Nicomachean Ethics,to.

My quoteIf you be yourself, others will find YOU, versus you finding THEM. -Heather Orton


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