Aristotle - Political Philosophies

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Aristotle - Political Philosophies

Aristotle's Political Philosophies

Aristotle was admired by American founders for his Republican views, which played a big part in influencing the United States Constitution. Jefferson and Adams both stated that the principles in the Constitution along with the Declaration of Independence were the beliefs of Aristotle, along with other philosophers like Plato and Locke.The founders' favorite teaching of Aristotle's was the insistence upon the rule of the law; as stated in a passage from Politics: where law is said to be reason or intelligence, free from passion, and, as it were, the governance of God.

Aristotle has made a large impression on The United States Constitution. He upheld the Law of Nature, meaning that aside from the particular laws that a state has set, there are common, or natural laws that people should also follow. "The Law of Nature is so unalterable, that God himself cannot change it"- an exert from The Rights of War and Peace Volume 1 by Hugo Grotius, strongly influenced by Aristotle.

Plato (pictured left) was Aristotle's teacher at the Academy of Athens. Over twenty years, Aristotle studied mathematics, ethics, biology, and law. After studying at the Academy of Athens, Aristotle began to study how people in the world were ruled.

Aristotle believed that "kingship" was wrong-- he thought that one man in charge of a city-state could easily make mistakes. Aristotle believed that having kingship, aristocracy, and timocracy made for a great balance and were the three elements of a well balanced government.

Aristotle believed that a constitution should include customs, rules, and laws about how a city-state should be run.

Aristotle wanted a constitution to follow Greek principles, where there are no too extremes and a balanced medium. He thought that a goverment should be the

same as in life when it came to following that prinicple.

By Lauren Shaffer

Information taken from: http://www.crf-usa.organd


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