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ArimatheaMadeline M

Arimathea is important today because the tomb where Jesus layed is still there today. You can go and visit the tomb and see it in person.

Bible VerseJoseph of Arimathea asked Pilate if Jesus could be buried in his tomb. -John 19:38

When Jesus had died on thecross there was controversy on where he would be buried so after Joseph of Arimathea heard he went to Pilate and asked him if Jesus could be buried in the tomb where he hadreserved to bbe buried in Pilate accepted Josephs request and it was finale. Jesus had layed the there until he had ressurected. It was where the stone was placed in front of the tomb. Today you can visit the tomb where Jesus had once layed.

Arimathea was important because it was the site of Jesus' first buriel before he was resurrected. Joseph of Arimathea had given up his reserved tomb just so Jesus could lay there.

This is the current Arimathea.

These are maps showing where Arimathea was at the time

Arimathea was a very important site at the time of Jesus' death and Ressurection.

This is the tomb where Jesus was placed. It origianlly belong to Joseph of Arimathea.

This is Joseph of Arimathea. He is the person who has made Arimathea famous!


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