[2015] Arianna Saldana: Arianna M. Saldana

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[2015] Arianna Saldana: Arianna M. Saldana

Arianna Marie Saldana

You Wonder Why Were Called The Weard Watsons

This is Byron,Kennys big brother. He picks on Kenny all the time but helps him without knowing it and gits busted for several things example:skipping school, houshold things and for picking on Kenny (by Joatta)

Meet the Watsons

This is Joanna, Kennys little sister. She is a sweet little girl who goes to sunday school and is a great help to both Kenny and Byron

This here is Kenny a young boy with a lazy eye but you can`t really tell. He has a older brother named Byron (By),and a little sister named Joanna (Joe)

Its so cold out that if you spit it will freeze before it hits the ground at least that is what kenny said. The Watsons were huddled in the living room trying to keep warm when Mr.Watson tells how thier mother almost married Hamton Henderson.


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