[2015] Angela Retana: Ariana Grande

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[2015] Angela Retana: Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

It's ME

Ariana Grande was born in June 26,1993 Boca Raton Flordia. Ariana Grande is 22 years old. she is a actor and a singer.

Ariana first landed a role as Cat Valentine in the hit TV show Victoriouas. After 4 seasons they canceled the show. After the show ended Ariana starred in a show called Sam and Cat but the show ended in 2014. Now Ariana stars a show called Scream Queens it is a horror film on Fox. She plays Sonya Herfmann but well known as chanel #2.

She signed a recored lable to Republic Records. She has 3 albums called my everything,yours truly, and christmas kisses. Ariana is going to realse a new album called moonlight. Ariana is well known for her music and acting. As you can see Ariana Grande has been through so many things to become a very famous singer and actor


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