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Jose de San Martin was a Argentine soilder who helped the revolution. In 1817, José de San Martín formed and trained an army in Río de la Plata.He was the leader of the south parts of South America's fight for independence from the Spanish. He also helped lead the revolution against Spain by influencing the colonists with the idea of independence.


1806- first british invasion1807- The second British invasion of the Río de la Plata is defeated.1808 -Napoleon invades Spain and starts the Peninsular War.1810- Buenos Aires organizes military campaigns against Paraguay and the Upper Pe1812- José de San Martín and Carlos María de Alvear arrive in Buenos Aires from Europe

Argentina major grievances1.Trading with foreigners2.Increase in taxes 3.-Military revenues 4.The Bourbon Reforms GoalsGoals for the revolution: Goals for Argentina was to get Independence from Spain. His goal was to plan to attack Lima by going through the Andes Mountains causing parts of South America to become independent.


San Martín did many things to get Spain independence.Some things he did was established self rule in Buenos Aires , he got Peru’s independence.He also took control of other towns and restored chilean patriots power .

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