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Argentina is in Stage 3 of the DTM. It experiences Moderate Growth

Population of Argentina

Aregntina's offical population is 43,024,374

3 major cities in Argentina are:1. Buenos Aries(2,776,138)2. Cordoba(1,613,211)3. Rosario(1,325,090)

Economy of Argentina

2 Major Industries1. Agriculture2. Mining

2 Major Exports:1. Soybean Meal2. Corn

2 Major Imports 1. Cars2. Petrolem Gas

2 Major Trading Partners1. Brazil 2. China

Tourist Attraciotns:1. Iguazu Falls: Lies on the border of Brazil and Argetnina near the city of Puerto Iguazu. It is made up of 275 different falls, one being Devil's Thoat which is 269 ft. tall.2. Perito Moreno Glacier: Located in Los Glaciares National Park that offer boat tours of th beatiful scenery of the glacier

Folk Culture ofArgentina

The folk culture of Argentina is still exsists in the mounatinous Northwest.

Argentine folk culture isn't incredibly isolated, it is only more prominant in some locaitons than others, such as the mountains of the Northwest. Many folk elements have worked they way into pop culture. For example, even with new popular appliances people still make the same food.

Argentine food has influences from Spanish and Italian cuisine. A lot of Argentine cuisine has some element of dairy, pasta or beef. Argentians have no specific taboos but aren't very adventurous when it comes to food

Argentine folk art and clothing consists of bright colors and patterns and the art typically depicts the enviornment as well.

Influence of Pop Culture in Argentina

Argentina has fast food chians such as Mcdonalds and California Burrtio Co.

Argentine pop art includes movies and music. Argentine pop clothing includes jeans and other more "up-to-date" clothing

Languages of Argentina

2 Major Languages:1. Spanish2. English

Spanish is spoken almost everywhere in Argentina. English is spoken more heavily in cities and larger urban areas

Religions of Argentina

3 Major Religions1. Christian: Locared alomost every in Argentina2. Islam: Located sparsely throughout Argentina3. Judasim: Located, again, sparesly throughtout Argentina



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