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Argentinaby Yer

Basic Information

Location: South AmericaWeather: Throughout the country January is the warmest while June and July are the coldest.Climate Type: It is mostly temperate. In the southeast, it's arid, which is dry.Languages: Spanish2 physical characteristics:* Fertile (almost treeless) grasslands of the Central Pampas.*Andes Mtns. along its western border with Chile.


* Table Manners - It is considered polite to leave a small amount of food on your plate when you are done eating!*There's a ritual associated with pouring wine for others so don't pour wine!

* Folk dances - This is a blend of Altiplano Indians, Spaniards, and European court dance.* Arriving on time is not a norm. They usually show up 30-40 minutes late.* Call them the next day to thank them!* When you are going to someone's house, remember to bring a gift for them!* Kisses on the cheek are used for greetings, while handshakes are usd for formal situations.Values:* People here value solidarity. Free time is highly cherished while being busy is something that people aren't as proud of.

Folkways & Values

Subcultures:* Argentinian Floggers - Floggers take photos of themselves and friends and post them on photo blogs on * Arts, Comics, Architecture.Evidence of Folk Cultures:* Argentines are very fond of beef and pastas* It is customary to buy fresh pasta for Sunday lunch, which is generally a family event (that often includes the extended family). Evidence of Popular Cultures:* Cinema - The world's first animated feature films were made and released here in Argentina* Music - Argentina's music symbol is Tango.Evidence of Culture Change/Cultural Difference:* Judaism makes up of a percentage of the religions found in Argentina. ______________CITATIONS:1. nytimes.com3. worldatlas.com5.

Culture & Citations


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