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Persuasive SpeechDear Future Travelers,Argentina is a beautiful country it is located in South America. I am sure you will be very pleased with Argentina. The climate ranges 75 F and 51 F. You must assume that Argentina is beautiful if about 42,610,981 people live there. One amazing fact is that Argentina came from a Latin word for silver witch is 'Aurgentum'. The current leader of Argentina is Cristina Ferandez Kirchner. Also if you like soccer then Argentina is the place to go. Soccer is not the only amazing thing there. Thank you for considering Argentina as a vacation spot.Christa DeMarchis

GeographyArgentina's Longitude and Latitude cordnates are 30 west and 60 south. It is Located in South America. The capital is Buenos Aires. The size is 1,073, 512 Square Miles. 42,610,981 is the population.The climate is more seasonal . Exept in January and Febuary it is hot out side. The range of temature is 24 C (75 F) and 11 C (51 F). The land features of Argentina is mostly farm land. Exept San Rafeal which is like New York City. There are some oceans and rivers. The Pampa's are one of the largest fertile plains in the world covers almost one third of Argentina's land area.

EconomyArgetina's economic freedom scoore is 44.1, making it's economy the 169th freest in the 2015. Upper middle income economy. Has a large focus on argiculture. Considered an emerging market economy. Argentina calls their money Argentine Peso.

GovermentThe have a republic goverment in Argentina. They have a six year term. Their current leader is Cristina Ferandez de Kircher.

CultureThe official Language is spanish. They also speak Italian, English, and German. Argentine citizens love soccor. They also play basketball, vollyball, Hockey, Boxing, polo, Tennis. Argentine beef is famous around the world. In Argentina they eat stew, grilled steak, potatoes, and corn. The main religion of Argentina in Roman Catholicism. Argentina celabrates Cosquin in the central province. They celebrate it in a fiesta. In Argentina they have December solstice on December 20th, 21st, 22nd, or 23rd.

Fun Facts1. Thenname of Argentina came from a Latin Word silver whiich is 'Argentum'.2. Argentina is the 2nd largest country in South America.3. Argentina is the 8th largest contry in the world.4. There are 3 national parks in Argentina.


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