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Argentina is located in South America. Argentina shares a border with Chile, Paraguay, and Uraguay. Chile and Argentina share the southern tip of South America.

Argentina has many natural resources. They include: fertile plains of the pampas, lead, zinc, tin, copper, iron ore, manganese, petroleum, and uranium.

Argentina experiences earthquakes due to its location near the Andes. Violent windstorms are common in the northest, while heavy flooding occurs in other areas. Argentina is the second largest country in South America.

Buenos Aires is Argentina's capital. With a population of 2,890,151 people with upwards of 11 million when surrounding suburbs are inlcluded, it is a very popular capital. A huge amount of people commute to Buenos Aires every day. A trip to the Avenida del Libertador, to see the landmarks of the British Clock Tower and the Islas Malvinas-Falkland Islands War Memorial is a must see, and some breathtaking architecture. If you enjoy classical architecture, be sure to visit the city's Metropolitan Cathedral.

Argentina benefits from rich natural resources, a highly literate population, and an export-oriented agricultural sector. Argentina's Currenc is Argentine pesos and its industrial growth rate is 6%. Some agricultural products include: sunflower seeds, lemons, soybeans, grapes, corn, tobacco, peanuts, tea, wheat, and livestock.

This man is Argentines revere Gen. Jose de San Martin, who campaigned in Argentina, Chile, and Peru as the hero of their national indepen dence. Following the defeat of the Spanish, centralist and federationist groups waged a lengthy conflict between themselves to determine the future of the nation. Gen. Jose de San Martin is featured on the Argentine peso.

Argentina broke independence from me in 1816

La Casa Rosada is a famous house in Buenos Aires. It is a government building that got popular for its color. The Seals of Pategonia is a beautiful place where seals hang out. If you are a nature lover, then this is the place for you. It is full of adorable seals that will hypnotize you with their cuteness. These seals are also one of Argentina's representing countries.

Juan Domingo Peron was a huge leader in Argentina. Peron, then an army colonel, was one of the coup's leaders, and he soon became the government's dominant figure as Minister of Labor. Elections carried him to the presidency in 1946. He aggressively pursued policies aimed empowering the working class and greatly expanded the number of unionized workers. In 1947, Peron announced the first 5-year plan based on the growth of industries he nationalized. He helped establish the powerful General Confederation of Labor. Peron's wife, Eva Duarte de Peron, knownas Evita ( died in 1952), played a key role in developing support for her husband.

Some important events Argentina has gone through, are when Juan Peron died in 1974 and when Argentina went to war with Britain over control of the Falklands. It was a tragic loss, for Juan Peron was a hero and a loved man in Argentina.When Argentina went to war with Britain it was gory and violent as any war would be. 750 Argentine troops were killed and Argentina experienced defeat.

Hello everyone, I am the President of Argentina. My name is Christina Fernandez de Kirchner. In this picture I am debating a topic.

This is a plant native to southern South America. These flowersare found along swampy riverbanks, wetlands, and low-lyind flood plains.

These two men right here are two of argentina best musicians. to the right we have Andres Chazarreta. This man was a researcher and a composer of classical folklore songs.The other man to the left, is Atahualpa Yupanqui, a great poet and composer of milongos and other lyric styles.

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