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Social Studies

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Changes in Demographics?There has been a population increase (7,770,000)Net in-migration or net out-migration?Both of these migration rates are 0Resons for emmigration?Some people choose to leave because of govenment turmoil and racism issuesStage of democraphic transition?Stage 3

Crude Birth Rate: 17.75 per 1000Crude Death Rate: 7.39 per 1000Total Fertility Rate: 2.19 per womanInfant mortality rate: 13 per 1000Natural Increase Rate:1.036%Age- Sex Structure: 0.97 m/femalesAge dependency ration: 36.3%Life Expectancy: 76.01 YearsNet migration rate: 0 per 1000HIV/AIDS rate: 0.4%Literacy rate: over 95%Population Densities:: 14.88 per square kmUrban-rural population: 92.5%Percentage of farmers: 7%


Is there gender equality?Men and women are farely equal in Argentina compared to the rest of the world. Argentina is ranked 15th in the world for participation of women in national legislation and is also the first Latin American country to adopt a quota law for women's participation in congress.In Argentina women are more litterate than men (men:3.1, women 3.2)Population policies?There are no population policies

Family Planning?Restrictions on contraception and abortion laws- trouble- 2005Population Policies?There are no population policies

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In the 1800s people came (after independence was won) in promise of free land, tools, and animals given to new colonies in exchange for 5 years- colonizationAfter WWII, there were thousands of Nazi ' wartime collaborators because Argentina favored Axis powers during the war. Argentina was paid to accept the nazis by wealthy Germans, and some Nazi/ collsborators saw this event coming and started collecting money and valuables

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