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Social Studies

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Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world!

The Iguaza Fallsare located in Misiones Qaudrant, Argentina and includes some of the largest waterfalls in the world.


The great majority of the population are Christians: about 90% are Roman Catholics and about 2% Protestants.

Cristina Fernández de KirchnerWas born February 19,1953. She is the current president of Argentina serving her second term. She started in politics after her husband (the former president) died.

The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires and its official language is Spanish.The official religion of Argentina is Roman Catholicism.

The Rufous HorneroThe national bird of Argentina.Is a large ovenbird with a square tail and a straight bill.

Symphony #12Juan Jose Castro

Argentina National Anthemby Blas Parera

Argentina Flag

Map of Argentina

The Gualeguaychu Carnival is one of the biggest carnivals in Argentina. There are huge groups of comparsas (dancing people in colorful suits) roaming the street. Also there are murgas (bands of street musicians) that play cultural music.

Argentina is located in South America.Its continental surface is of 2,780,092 km². If you went top to bottom it's 3,700 km long

Rufous HorneroThis bird is chirping

Asado: An Argentinan barbeque cooking style/dish

Nevados Ojos del Salado is the world's highest active volcano. It is located on the Chile/Argentina border. The mountain has very dry conditions with snow only remaining on the peak during winter.



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