Argentina Fashion

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Argentina Fashion

Fashion Expression

Argentina has a very unique national identity.Fashion in Argentina has been influenced for centuries by settlers and travelers from Europe, Asia and Africa.A combination of western and native ideals created a unique and rare fashion sense.

A nation known for its captivating terrain and delicious food. But this is not all this breathtaking nation is known for.Fashion is deeply rooted into this culture and is recognized all over the world!


Argentina is a Fashion Capital of the World

Why ?

As time progressed, fashion became an expression of modernity and innovation.Fashion started to impact politics. Dressing with a sense of fashion disrupted authoritarian practices


It is evident that the unique and complex history of Argentina has influenced fashion contemporarily.Argentina Fashion Week is one of the most prominent in the world. Due to the complex history of fashion in Argentina, this beautiful nation is a fashion power!Check out the video from Argentina Fashion Week 2015




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