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FamilyHis parents where Zeus and Hera, he had a sister named Athena. They fought often. Ares was married to Aphrodite, They had two children named Harmonia and Alcippe, both girls.

Title and JobAres was the great Olympian God of War. He represented civil order and manly courage. His responsability was to fight wars, keep civil order, and defend the city. Ares's personality was mean, and violence, he fought out of anger. Many people were scared of him.

Physical Description/PersonalityAres was very manly and mean. He wore alot of armor and carried weapons because he was always fighting in battles. Ares was a very violent god, he was always very angry and wanted to fight.

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Symbol/Weapon/AnimalAres symbolized the spear and helmet because he's a worrior. He carried a sword that he used for many of his fights. And his animal is a bird, specifically a vulture. This is because he was intimidating to many other gods.

Major StoryAres fought just to fight, he loved it. Zues often tried to calm him down, but nothing worked. Many Olympians were scared of him, but others favored him. He was very defensive especially over his family. One time, one of Posiden's sons attempted to rape his daughter, Alcippe, when Ares found this out he brutally killed him and Posiden was super mad at him for it. Ares killed many people, in battles, and in general because he was such an angered ' violent man.


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