Ares Nerjin

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Ares Nerjin


SYMBOLSspear, dogs, vulture

Ares God of War

WEAPONSshield, spear, golden helmet, and burning torchesPOWERSvery strong and courages

MythologyA traditional story, especially concerning the early history of people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon

Bringer of War

Home Mount Olympus

Ares is nothing but the personification of bold force and brutal strength

Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera.Ares also has a lot of children and a lot of siblings.

EnemiesAll of the gods except for Ahprodite, hate Ares because of Ares's love of war. Aphrodite doesnt hat him be

Since Ares loves wars and is the God of War, he ould help us win wars in the future

Ares is Percy's cousinClarrise (Ares's daughter) hates Percy..

Ares love bloody battles and is not well liked or trusted


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