Ares, God of war

by Prussell
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Ares, God of war


He was very very violent, loves war (And starts it!) All gods ignore and dislike him, so the only gods who will talk to him are Hades, Aphrodite, and Eros. He loves bloodshed, and he is a baby when wounded.

He had an affair with Aphrodite, and when Aphrodite's husband saw this, he captured them in a golden net for the other gods to laugh at.Ares also killed Aphrodites mortal boy friend, Adonis.

He was terror and war, causing blood on the battle field.

Three facts about Ares.He was very important to Rome, they even had a temple for him.Ares helped at the Trojan war.His appearence is commonly known as a man with a beard in battle armour with a spear and sheild.

Ares symbols are a dag, vulture, spear, and a flaming torch


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