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Ares, Ares, war and all, why are you the greatest god them all?

Family tree of Greek Gods.

This is what Ares looked like.

This was Ares main symbol.

One of many statues of Ares in a muesuam.

Ares is the Greek God of war. He is well respected and you may know him as Mars, his Roman name, or even as Areios. His birth parents include Zeus and Hera. His only form was human like. His power was considered his violence, strength, and being a savior to cities. His other symbols that represent him are the dog, spear, helmet, boar, vulture, and flaming torch.

Ares and Aphrodite together during their affair.

Ares was a god of war who was not always liked but was respected. Ares engaged in many confrontations where he came out not victorious but was involved in some of the greatest myths and battles. One myths involved Ares and Aphrodite. Ares was a great looking man, who had great attributes in strength. Aphrodite saw him and liked his strength and looks. As she is the goddess of beauty to be looked at as good looking by her is a major plus. Although she was married, they did whatever they wanted. Next the sun god named Helios saw them and told Hephaestus, Aphrodite’s husband. Ares got tricked when sleeping, but his strength and beauty stood out. He can be claimed as one of the best looking gods and a major god.


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