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THE CLARINET :)The clarinet has a low tone. made in the early 18th century. they are played by blowing in to the mouthpiece. They are famous for the jazz music. The famous people who played the clarinet is Clark Nuccio.


THE OBOEOne of the many people how had played the oboe is Sherry Sylar. The oboe is played with keys to make the sound. The oboe was made around the 16th century. The oboe makes a loud or high sound. The oboe plays jazz music.

THE TRUMPET :)One famous person who had played the trumpet is Philip Smith. It was made around 1500BC. The trumpet has different sound. The trumpet is played by blowing is to the mouth peice and by the different keys. It is mostly used for orchestra music.

THE FLUTE :)One of the famous people who played the flut is Sandra Church. The sound the flute can make is a high pitched sound. They are played by blowing air in to the flute. They are also played in the orchrestra. It was made around the 1300's.


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