[2016] Kylie Knauff: Areas of Concerns for Diverse Learners

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[2016] Kylie Knauff: Areas of Concerns for Diverse Learners

Areas of Concernfor Diverse Learners

- Classroom materials: Translated materials, books in braille, easily accessible desks- School-wide resources: Handicap accessible ramps and doors, labeled signs in multiple langauges and braille

Lack of Resourcesand Funding

- Lack of preparation for transition into work-force, higher education, and independent living- Teaching students the necessary tools for independent problem-solving and decision making

Furthering Education and Independent Living

By: Kylie Knauff

- Exlusion from sports, gym class, music, and other "specials"- Lack of communication between core teacher, specials teachers, specialists, and parents regarding modifications and accommodations

Exclusion from Extra-Curricular Activities

- Miscommunications due to low or inability to speak and write in English- Lack of materials or translators in the child's native language - In-experience working with students of different backgrounds and disabilities

- Mandated tests that require all students to take regardless of their levels and abilities- Stress-enducing tests that are not always a fair or accurate depiction of student abiblities- Un-modified state-mandated tests after using modified materials throughout the school year

Miscommunication between Students and Teachers

Testing Requirements and Accommondations


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