area and volume

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area and volume

mathematics Performance Task

MADE BY :VelvinaJi FenYiling

Definitions :Area- The size of a surface.The amount of space inside the boundary of a flat (2-dimensional) object . Units come with ^2Volume- The amount of 3-dimensional space an object occupies. Capacity. Units Come with ^3

Formula-Area Of a circle22/7 X Radius X Radius-Area Of a Trapezium1/2 X ( a+b ) X Height-Area of Triangle1/2 X Breadth X Height-Area of PyramidFind area of all sides and add all up.-Area of Cylinder2 X 22/7 X Radius X Radius-Area of Cone22/7 X Radius X Length-Area Of Sphere4 X 22/7 X Radius X Radius

VolumeVolume of pyramid 1/3 X base area X heightVolume of Cylinder22/7 X Radius X Radius X HeightVolume of Cone1/3 X 22/7 X Radius X radius X heightVolume of Sphere4/3 X 22/7 XRadius X Radius X Radius

Appliances For Area and Volume-Table wares - Stationaries- Chairs- Boards-Paper-Wallet-Computer-Books-Any shapes,sizes, living or non-living objects




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