Arctic Wolves

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Environmental Studies

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Arctic Wolves

Arctic Wolves

Sometimes wolves can sleep up to 20 hours.

The arctic wolf, a white, medium sized animal inhabits land between the North Pole and the end of the Canada's Hudson Bay.

Food: In the Winter and the Summer time, arctic wolves mainly eat musk-oxen. But they will really eat whatever they can find!

To keep in contact with other pack members at all times, a wolf just needs to howl. A wolf's howl can travel for miles and miles.

If a pup strays too far, the mother will simply pick the pup up in her mouth. Careful not to harm the pup with her sharp teeth.

Pups of the arctic wolves are born in May or early June. The pups must be strong enough to handle the constant arctic winds.

When pups are very young, they rarley stray from thier den. Wolf pups are also very curious.


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