[2015] Connor Elligan (Cortez): Arctic Wolves

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[2015] Connor Elligan (Cortez): Arctic Wolves

Arctic Wolves

Arctic wolves live in an arcticlandscape. They are used totempatures below -30 degrees.They live in northern Canada andAlaska. They also spend 5months a year in total darkness. They have an ultra speed of 45mph. They have a short lifespanof 7-10 years.

Arctic wolves are carnivores, that means that they only eat meat. Theycan kill a small animal like an arctic hare in a fight. They team up in large packs to slaughter large animals like musk oxen for a massive food source. They can't kill a large animal solo. Their main diet is deer, elk, and moose.

Arctic wolves are mammals. Theyhave razor sharp teeth and claws.Their fur is a whitish gray. They have pointy ears. Arctic wolvesare also really cute.

Even though Arctic wolves are carnivores, they stillhave predators. Polar bears are one of the Arctic wolves predators. So are other wolves. Humans end up polluting the earth which kills arctic wolves. Arctic wolves only have 2 predators.


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