Arctic Wolf

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Arctic Wolf

Habitat They live in the Tundra. Arctic wolves have their own terrritory with their pack.The air temp. can get at the highest at -35 degrees. The ground is permanently frozen.

AppearenceArctic wolves have short ears, long legs, and cool fur witch is the main reason for their endangerment. They also have very bushy tails. They are smaller than their cousin the Gray wolf.

Arctic Wolves By: Bart Bijl

DietArctic wolves mainly eat caribo, Arctic hares, Arctic foxes, deer, birds, Musk Oxen, and more. They will eat everything ; Bones, skin and of course the meat.

Fast Facts For pups to get me at they lick a male's mouth and they cough it up for them to eat. Did you know there are only 200 Arctic wolves in the wild and 50 in captivity?

BehaviorArctic wolves Live and hunt in packs. Packs are from 2-20 members. They sneak up on prey and then run at it. They howl when they have found food or are lost.

Moms and pupsArctic wolf mothers have 2-11 babies a year. They go to a safe place called a den to give birth. When they are 3, they go to a "rendvous site" and stay until fall to join the grown ups in hunting.


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