Arctic wolf

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Arctic wolf

ArcticWolf. by SAM!!!!

The Arctic wolf pups

HabitatThe Arctic Wolf inhabits all along the Alaskan northern areas of Greenland, and Canadian Arctic. DietThe Arctic Wolf needs to hunt in large packs to hunt big prey. If they hunt by themselves they normally get fish and birds, the cubs eat insects or they scavenge and if a leader dies from a pack the pack eats it! ApperanceThe Arctic Wolf has fury skin (like a Polar Bear. It is mostly white and it also has claws that are very small.The Arctic Wolf has no predators because it dominates in its natural habitat. however Their habitat is a natural predator like loss of water. Human impactThe biggest impacts on Arctic wolves are hunting and climate changes. Climate changes can also cause loss of water which can affect the preyof them to die out which makes it hard to survive , so they die out. EndingThe Arctic Wolf is least concern on WWF endangered list .It grows up to 2 metres long and eats things like birds and fish.

IntorductionThe Arctic Wolf is a wild dog, its scientific name is Canis Lupis Arctos.Its length is up to 2 meters , its habitat is in Tundra in Alaska. It lives in very cold temperatures . It also comes a lot at night.This Animal is least concern.

Interesting Facts!They live in one the last un-inhabited areas of the world They are the only wolves left that are not on the endangered species listCan live in total dark for 5 monthsCan live 14-20 years in captivityCommunicate through tale tale movements and growlingSubspecies of the Grey WolfReach speeds of 40 mph while chasing prey.Ancestor of all dogsWolves in the Arctic travel much langer distances than wolves in the forest to find food and sometimes go for several days without eating.

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Facts about the Arctic wolf

Pups first step in to the world!!!!

The Arctic wolf howling


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