Arctic Megafauna Species

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Arctic Megafauna Species

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Once species of Arctic Megafauna we area familliar with is the Polar Bear. Climate change is reducing the amount of floating ice there is in the water they swim, making it harder for them to survive.

Arctic Megafauna Species

Decreaing Ice

Arctic Megafauna species base their existence highly around the cold climate and the things they find there (snow, ice, cold water species for feeding on). With the climate seeming to rise, this way of life is beginning to be threatened. With the temperature rising by 3 degrees in just over a hundred years, the habitats of many arctic megafauna species is being jeopardized.

Rising Temperature

fun Fact

Why did numbers begin decreasing?

Human HuntingIncreasing humans meant imcreacing need for food and increases killing of animals.

Why don't we still have Woolley Mammoths?

Megafauna is defined as the large mammals of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.Some Examples or Arctic Megafauna are:Woolley MammothGiant SlothAmerican LionMuskoxPolar BearsSmilodon (Saber-Toothed Tiger)Caribou

Whats is Megafauna?

At the end of the last glacial period, a world wide, mass extinction of Megafauna occured. This mass extinction is referred to as the Holocene Extinction. This begun after the Pleistocene.

We are still in the Holocene era!

Climate ChangeAs humans and human industrialization began to increase, harmul gases began to be released causing changes to the climate.

DiseaseDisease within speies happen often. However, in combonation with all of the other factors, it made a much larger impact.

Environmental:Dealing with the effects of climate change and how it could be improved.Economic:If these species are dying out, governments may have to launch environmental reclamation projects, using up some of the financial resources.Social:In much of the arctic regions, these megafauna species are part of the culture.

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