Arctic Hudson Bay- Lowlands

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Arctic Hudson Bay- Lowlands

-in the arctic lowland area there is beautiful scenery with lakes and rivers, with rock area. you may also find some swampy area.

Arctic Hudson BayLowlands

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some of the vegetation that you will fine there is aspen, balsam fir,dense forests of white spruce and white birch occur on well-drained riverbanks and lake shores. Black spruce and tamarack spread over vast expanses of muckeg.

the different types of animals there

some of the things you can do is going whale watching as you can see and several other things like going hiking on the mountains, fishing, canoeing and kayaking

the temperature can change from -30°C to 18°C day by day it rarely get below -37°C or above 26°C. Remember to pack warm.

come explore the unchanged miracles

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