Arctic Foxes

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Arctic Foxes

HabitatArctic foxes live near the norte pole.this place is snowy and cold.Arctic foxes dig dens in the snow.

Arctic Foxes

Fun factsArctic foxes fur is white in the winnter and brown in the summer.Arctic foxes use their tails as blankets when they are sleeping.Arctic foxes have fur the bottoms of their paws.

What Arctic Foxes Eat Artic foxes are hunters and scavengers.they eat fish bird and some other small animals.some Arctic foxes fallow poler bear's.they snack on the bears' leftovers.

life cycleArctic foxes are mate in early spring.females give birth about 50 days later.they have four to 11 kits.Arctic foxes live 6 to 12 years in the wild.

Arctic FoxesArctic foxes are mammals.Thick fur keep them warm.Arctic foxes grow 18 to 27 inches [46 to 57 cantimeters] long.they weigh up to 17 pounds [8 kilograms].

Arctic foxesthey look cute. they eat bird and fish and small animals.they live with there mom's two phases of arctic foxes live in the Alaska: the blue and the white. Blue arctic ... Think about it: How do the arctic fox's eating habits help its environment? Leftovers ... their lives. After her pups are born, the mother stays in the den with them.


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