Arctic Foxes

by CeCeRen
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Arctic Foxes

The arctic fox also known as white fox, snow fox and polar fox is an incredibly hardy animal that is well adapted to suite its environment, allowing it to live in extreme conditions . Arctic foxes are the only land mammal in Iceland and even though they are not endangered, scientists have discovered that Arctic foxes struggle with global warming, and are becoming more under threat as ice disappears. They are omnivores eating a ranged diet from berries to birds to anything they can scavenge , often picking up leftovers from one of its predators the polar bear.

Arctic Foxes



Arctic Foxes are native to the cold Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere. They have a circumpolar range, meaning they can be found throughout the entire Arctic. They live in places such as the outer edges of Greenland, Russia, Canada, Alaska, Iceland, and other locations. Arctic foxes live in burrows dug into the side of a hill, cliff or riverbank and during blizzards they may tunnel into snow to create shelter. Their surrounding habitat is usually treeless terrain, with temperatures ranging from -60 to -55 degrees celcius.



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