Arctic Fox

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Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox

Nobody will find me here!I am camoflaged to blend in the snow.

Did you know? The Arctic Fox is pure white in the winter but brown in the summer.

Arctic Foxes eat:Berries, Seaweed,Arctic Geese, and they scavange for dead animals.

The Arctic Fox protects itself by:It can outrun polar bears!It also uses camoflage to hide from Arctic Wolves.

Arctic Foxes do something CRAZY:They take a huge risk following polar bears for a free but deadly meal.It mignt be the bear's next meal!

The Arctic Fox is a mammal. The It has live young too. But the young have only 2 months of childhood! Talk about unfair! It can live for 3 years in the wild and 10 years in a zoo.

The Arctic Fox's relatives are the red fox. the red fox is twice as big and is moving north

The Arctic Fox lives,you guessed it!The North Pole!

By, Meghan Cioffi 4R

Did you know? Arctic Foxes have the thickest fur of any mammal?