Arctic fox

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Arctic fox

The Arctic fox lives in the cold Arctic conditions, and can survive frigid temperatures as low as -50°C (-58°F). Also known as the White Fox, Polar Fox, or Snow Fox, the Arctic Fox is well adapted to it's environment. They are about 30-40" long, and their tail is about 10-13" in length, and are around 9-11" tall. In summer, its fur is a reddish brown to blend in to their surroundings. But in winter, it develops a layer of fat, and a thick white coat, with fur on the bottom of its paws, so that they don't slip on ice or snow. It has compact ears, which means that its ears are rounded, so its ears don't get as cold. The Arctic Fox's tail is long and bushy, and it wraps it around it's body at night to keep warm (shown on right). They can be found in places such as the outer edges of Greenland, Russia, Canada, Alaska, Iceland, other locations, and of course, the Arctic. The Arctic Fox is the only land mammal native to Iceland. They build a den to live in (shown on right). For the Arctic Fox, the den can sometimes be in a hillside or river bank, and will usually have multiple entrances and exits. As the Arctic Fox is a carnivore, they will usually eat anything small that they can find, such as lemmings, voles, hares, owls, eggs, and carrion, etc.

The Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox in Summer

Arctic Fox in Winter

An Arctic Foxes Den

Sleeping Position

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