Arctic Fox

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Arctic Fox

The arctic fox is head to tail only 50-65cm and it's height is around 25-30cm. The males weigh 3-8kg while the females weigh from 1-3kg. Reynards (males) are usually larger than vixens (females). Arctic foxes have round short ears as well as their whole body covered in fur. They also have a short muzzle. The colour of the fur varies. In winter the fur is white and in summer it is black to light brown in colour.

Arctic Fox

Pysical Description:

Did you know, that the arctic fox only starts shivering at -70 degrees Celcius?


The arctic fox eats small mammals such as lemmings and voles. Birds and their eggs are part of their diet. They also eat insects, fish, mollusks, fruits and berries. In winter when their prey and fruits and berries are scarce, the arctic foxes scavenge for food that is left over from polar bear's meal.


Arctic foxes live in the costal parts of the north polar region. In this climate the temprature varies from 0 to -35 degrees Celcius. During the winter only 30% of the time it will be snowing. In their habitat trees are very scarce because the tree's routes can't find any nuetrients.


The arctic foxes have many adaptions, for example the colour of it's fur for camouflage. It's thick coat covering it's entire body helps them to survive -80 degrees Celcius. The foxes have small ears. Therefore there is less surface area exposed and it prevents excessive loss of body heat. The arctic fox has sharp hearing. They use their hearing to find prey that have buried themself under the snow.


A female arctic fox is known to have 5-8 kits in their life. She and her partner raise them together in a large den. When a kit is born their fur colour is brown during the entire year, but as they grow up their fur turns white. Then it varies from brown to white depending on the season.Reproduction is usually between early and middle of summer. A vixen can have babies from the age of one years old.



An acrtic fox moves much like a dog with each leg moving after one another. It can reach 30mph when it is sprinting with it's four legs. The fox can also skid on ice to get away from a predator or capture prey.

Scientific Name:Alopex langpus





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Arctic fox kit


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