Arctic Cordillera

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Arctic Cordillera

Artic Cordillera

Why should you visitYou should visit the artic cordillera because it is like nowhere else on earth. The artic cordillera is almost completely untouched by the human world. Making it a secluded yet peaceful place with almost untouched landscapes. By coming to the arctic cordillera you will be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world and experience life in its simplest form, by living off the land. This Canadian ecozone sets itself apart from the rest in many ways. It has some of the best artic hunting and ice fishing. By visiting the artic cordillera you will be able to learn an ancient yet unbelievable culture. You will be surrounded by the Inuit people who have called the artic cordillera home for thousands of years. The Inuit culture is a culture matched by none. Like the land they live in they are complex yet simple. They believe in living off the land. So if you were to come visit the artic cordillera and the Inuit you would experience a life almost completely cut off from the rest of the world. This would be a great vacation to help you get away from it all.

Activities and Atractions in the Arctic Cordillera Thera are many different actvieties to do in the artic cordillera. Some of the most popular are dog sledding, ice fishing, hunting, snow shooing, cross country skiing, camping, and experiencing and learning about Inuit culture. The things that attract people to the artic cordillera other than the fun things to do is the beauty of the land and the wildlife.

Vegitation, Land Forms and SoilThere is little vegitation due to the soil int the ecozone. The soil is mostly tundra soil and permafrost or bare rock. This makes it difficult for vegitation to grow. This region has one main landform, the innuitian mountains. The innuitian Mountains are very beautiful and are one of the biggest attractions for people to come see.

The arctic cordillera only has the population of about 1,304. making it one of the most uninhabited places on earth. Its GDP is about $0.012 billion. This is Pond inlet one of the most populated areas in the arctic cordillera.

Dog Sledding is a popular activity in the Arctic Cordillera.

The arctic cordillera is located in the northeastern part of Nunavut and Labrador.


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