Architecture in the 1920's

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Architecture in the 1920's

People now during this time wanted the price of housing to go down, so that it could be more afordable to anyone with a stable income to buy a house. Bungalows were now growing in popularity and being improved at the same time. They were also known as California Bungalows. People were now having sleeping porches being built (since they didn't have fans or air conditioning). The breakfast nook was also created during this time, it was a small sized room made for eating outside of the kitchen.


The 1920's was a great age of development in architecture that was needed to support the now growing population in cities and to support people of all different kinds of incomes.

For one of the first times skyscrapers were being constructed in cities with a high dense population. Most people never thought it would be possible to make buildings that exceeded 10 stories, but that barrier was broken. Reinforced concrete techniques had now developed to the point where precast concrete panals were being used, they were also used in bridges at the time as well.

Example Buildings

-Chrysler Building-Wrigley building-Larkin Building-Rosecliff Mansion-Tribune Tower

Architecture in the 1920s


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