Architecure and Topology

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Architecure and Topology

Architecture and Topology

BusA bus is a data connection between two devices connected to a computer. Such as information being passed from the CPU to a peice of hardware such as a USB or Flashdrive. These are great at passing data within a computer but it cannot pass data over a network. They also cannot be used as hardware, thus any data must be writen within the computer.

Ring Ring topology is a setup in which the computers or devices form a circular shape or outline. The packet is passed around the ring until it reaches its destination, thought this could be usefull in certain central locations, it is rarely used anymore mainly because of the information going through all of the defferent systems, but also because there is no goverening body or server.

StarA very commonly used network, all computers or devices are connected to a cental hub. This hub monitors, sends data to, and cotrols data flow within the devices. Though these work great with a hub online, if it fails or becomes unusable, the whole network becomes disconnected.

Peer-to-PeerLacking a cental computer, or server, all computers on this network wwork independantly of eachother. Sometimes called, P2P networks, these are most commmonly found in home or rrealatively small networks comprized of a dozen or less systems. One pro is that the data is much more secure as most likely the compuer systems are situated in a central area, Two cons are that, the information must be brought to otherlocations through either hardware or internet files. Thus it is much less versitile in its ability ro pass information.

Client/ServerA client/service network is a setup utalizing both sertvers and clients, This type of network is mostly used in corporate or buisness situations. One pro of this network is that both multiple clients and networks can work together. Two cons are that the data will not all be on a cental line and that it may be lost in transfer.

Token Ring


Mesh topology is a network setup in which all or most of the computers can send and recieve information to one another. These setups, though highly convinient, are mainly only used in wireless networks. There are many highly unconvinient things about this network though, firstly it is highly costly, and all expenses apply seperately to each unit.

Token ring's are a kind of topolpgy, unlike ring topology, tokens are utalized so that only the intended device can decode and observe the data. Considered a highly innovative application in its time, these networks are now considered inactive and obsolete. Tokens are no longer highly secure or versitile enough for modern society's needs.


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