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Architecture Engineer

They solve many problems including desiging buildings that are efficient. They have to create buildings that have good function and looks.

This career is simportant because we wouldnt have efficient and functionable buildings for school, government, homes, ect.

You use math in this career by finding area and perimeter of building plans.

By: Elllie Bilotta

An arthitecture engineer combines the principals of design and engineering to create usable and efficient buildings.This involves design, engineering, and architecture.

Architecture Engineer

This occupation is very ecassary to create and design effient and usable buildings.

You use computers in this career by working with computerized programs to create 3d models or other programs.

An engineer hard at work.

You use stem in this career by thinking outside the box and creating creative solutions.

You use science in this career by having a backround on engineering and knowing how solve problems.

Build it, Design it, Create it.

Present: Without Architecture engineers the White house would not have the same design, rooms, or even maybe the color.



Future: Without them in the future we could have no buildings that go beyond 10 stories or even buildings that are pushing the standards of design

Past: Without architecture engineers we could have never seen the Almo where a famous battle took place that could just be a battle without the Almo.

They even have there own bumper sticker.


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