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Princton UniversityPrinston, NJ-Bachelor's-Master's-DoctorateBoston Architectural CollegeBoston, MA-Bachelor's-Master's

Wedges:Yearly Average in Connecticut - $86,470Hourly Average in Connecticut- $42

In the job of being and architect you need to learn how to plan and design structures, suvh as private buildings, office buildingds, theaters, factories, and other structual property.

The type of tasks that an Archtitect would be handed is to draw, make a layout of the project, and cunsult with other clinents

The knowledge that is need for doing this job is:-Design-Building and Construction-Engenering and Technology-Coustomer and Personal Service-Admidistration and MaganagementAnd so for this job I shall continue you with something in the area of this job to be the best f my ablities.

The skills that are needed for this jog is:-Active Listening-Critical Thinking-Complex Problem Solving

Things that I will like about this job:1. That I will be constintly thinking2. That I get to meet new people and stay as friends when they come in for a job for me

Things that I wil not like about this job:1. That some people will be really picky about how they want surtten things2. Also that I have to have be there way with sopme things.


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