Architectural Design

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Architectural Design

Architectural Design

Think about it...?Why do humans build?What are some types of buildings in our community? What features do most buildings have?

Throughout history humans have been building. The types of buildings that we have constructed over the years has changed depending on where we are and the materials available to us. Buildings are functional, they serve a purpose. Often the purpose of a building influences what the building will look like. Some buildings are very plain and other have a lot of decoration. Just like other art forms and other types of design, there are many different styles of architecture.

Architecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings and other physical structures.An Architect designs buildings and other structures. Architects work closely with Engineers who figure out HOW to make the design safe for people to livein and use. Architects and Engineers use blueprints, detailed drawings that show the precise measurements and layout of each floor plan for the building they are designing.

Can YOU design a building?

Elements of Art:Line, Shape, Form, SpacePrinciples of Design:Balance, Scale, Rhythm/Movement, Unity


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