[2016] Ava Parducci: Architect

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[2016] Ava Parducci: Architect

Architectural Engineering

Architects design functional spaces for condos, apartments, college dorms, etc.

Architects also create blueprints for houses based on the buyer's wants.

The pay for architects ranges from $15,080 to $74,520 annually.

This occupation requires at least a bachelor's degree in architecture. Some jobs even require a previous intership.

The job growth of an architect has been growing faster than average.

Important highschool courses to take would include: physics, chemistry, geometry, algebra II, pre-calculus, calculus, english, art, and applied technology (CAD).

Tokyo's Sky Tree building's amazing architector has a design that is intented to survive intense earthquakes, and high wind.

Architects usually work in an office environment but also can go to lots to get visuals for blueprints

I chose this career because my dad is an engineer but also does architecture and he seems to enjoy it, he also gets to work on very cool projects. Such as designing our house. I think that in the upcoming future that rather than more inventions, architects will be innovating buildings and making what we already have, better.

By: Ava Parducci


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