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Archimedes PrincipleHe used this to find the density of the king of Syracuse`s crown he put the crown in water and saw how much the water level rose and he used that to find density of the crown.


The father of Mathematics

Archimedes Claw this was used to defend against roman`s. The claw raised rocks and dropped them on ground warriors. Or picked roman ships out of the water and tipped them over.

Archimedes Screwthis was used to suck up water from a well and a turring pannel would raise water until it came up out the top and used for irragation.

CatapultThis was used to launch projectiles at enemy defenses and enemy forces in general. There were also two diffrent types of catapults one Scorpian Balliste and a trebuche. The trebuche launches rocks and other large iteams and the ScorpianBalliste launchs huge pikes.

Archimedes lived in syracuse which is a small island near the country of italy. 287 BC  --212 BCThis man is ranked by historians with Sir Issac Newton and Carl Friedrich Gauss as one of the greatest mathmaticians of all time. His greatest achievemnet was the archimedes sphere and when he died the roman general Marcus Claudius Marcellus ,(ca. 268–208 BC), inscribed the sphere on his tombstone (the archimedes spere is a sphere with a cylinder inside it.) They called the sphere archimedes greteast achievement or the pinicle of his inventions.

He created the heat ray to defend against roman warships it uses a parabolic reflector on a ship and set it aflame. It has not been proven if it worked or not.

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A parabolic Reflector



The ray`s purpose

Archimedes claw

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