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Archimedes was a greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer. He was born in 287 BC, in Syracuse, Sicily. He was the son of another mathematician named Phidias. Aside from that, very little is known about the early life of Archimedes or his family. It is said that in his youth he went to Alexandria, Egypt to receive his education. Archimedes lived for 75 years, and died in 212 BC, when he was killed by a Roman soldier.

Mostly known as inventor of mechanical devices, Archimedes made a huge contribution to Mathematics. Being unhappy with the existing one, Archimedes is known to have invented his own Greek number system, so that he could accommodate more of his invented numbers. According to some, the greatest invention of Archimedes is 'integral calculus'. Using this, he measured the section of areas surrounded by geometric figures. He broke the sections into a number of rectangles and then added the areas together. This principle is known as "intergration." Also a part of the discovery of "integral calculus," is "differential calculus." He calculated ways to approximate the slope of the tangent lines of his figures. He discovered how to find the volume of a sphere and determined the exact value of Pi and the principle of buoyancy.

The Archimedes Screw- This is still a famous tool in Egypt used for irrigation. This screw was mainly invented to remove water from the hold of large ship; however it is also helpful for handling light, loose materials such as ash, grain, sand etc.Heat Ray-Archimedes used mirrors acting collectively as a parabolic reflector to burn ships attacking Syracuse.Archimedes Claw- It is a weapon that he designed in order to defend the city of Syracuse. Also known as "the ship shaker," the claw consisted of a crane-like arm from which a large metal grappling hook was suspended. When the claw was dropped onto an attacking ship the arm would swing upwards, lifting the ship out of the water and possibly sinking it.


Of Syracuse


Archimedes screw

Heat Ray

The Claw

Eureka!when taking a bath, he discovered the buoyancy principle and jumped up and ran through the streets naked shouting 'Eureka' which means - I have found it


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