Archimedes - The Father Of Mathematics

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Archimedes - The Father Of Mathematics

Archimedes father was an astronomer. While he was growing up, his family encouraged him to get an education. Archimedes was interested in mathematics, science, poetry, politics and military tactics. He was accepted into the School of Mathmatics (located in Egypt).

287 BC - Born in Syracuse on the greek island of Sicily 212 BC - Killed in Siege of Syracuse by a Roman soldier

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Archimedes Screw

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How taking a bath lead to Archimedes Principle

ArchimedesThe Father of MathematicsBy: Colby Mavropoulos

* A crater and a mountain rangeon the moon are called Archimedes and Montes Archimedes.*An asteroid was named 3600Archimedes.*Archimedes picture is on "The Fields Medal" awarded to mathematicians.

* Archimedes designed a pulley system that helped sailors lift objects that were heavy to move by hand.* Discovered the actual value of PI.* His wartime inventions were rock-throwing catapults and The Claw of Archimedes (grappling hook).* He is best known for creating the Archimedes Screw. Thiswas used to remove water from the hold of a large ship. Today, this is still being used in Egypt to irrigate their crops.

There is a famous story aboutArchimedes. King Hieron ordered a crown made of gold. When he got it, he thought itwas made of silver instead of gold. The king told Archimedesto figure out if the crown was gold or silver. Getting in a bath one night, Archimedes watched the water overflow as he got in. He yelled, "Eureka"! He realized that you can measure the volume of an irregular object by placing it in water and seeing how much the water moved. This is known as Archimedes Principle.

How Taking a Bath lead to Archimedes Principle


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