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Archery is the art, practice, or skill of shooting arrows with a bow. It originated 10-9,000 BC, the oldest known bows so far come from Holmegaard, Denmark. Originally, it was used in hunting and combat; today, it is still used for hunting sometimes, but is mostly recreational. Archers use a wide range of bows but the most common are...the longbow:

Types of Archery:-Target Archery - The most common form, used in competition. Targets outside are placed 30-90m away, indside are 18-25m away. After each end, archers remove their arrows from the targets. -Field Archery - Usually in rough terrain, shooting at targets of various distance. -Flight Archery - Competition based on who can shoot the greatest distance. -3D Archery - Focused on shooting at life sized models of game; popular with hunters for this reason. -Roving Marks - The oldest form of competitive archery, used by King Henry VIII. Archers shoot at a mark, then shoot at another mark from the previous mark, and so on.Combat Archery - Kind of like paintball, with blunted arrowheads, sometimes used to re-enact battles.Bowhunting - Hunting with a bow, duh. Bowfishing - Shooting fish. With a bow.

Protective Equipment: -bracer - protects the inside of the bow arm, and keeps clothing from snagging the string.-plastrons - chest protection.-Shooting glove/leather tab - archers use one or the other to protect their fingers or thumb, depending on how they shoot.

Some Lingo:-End - The amount of shots an archer takes before proceeding to remove his/her arrows from the target. Usually, ends are sets of 3 or 6 shots.-Bow hand - The hand with which one holds the bow. This holds true for Arm, shoulder, etc. -Drawing/String Hand - The hand with which one pulls back the string, again this holds true for elbow, etc.-Instinctive Shooting - No agreed upon definition, but can mean shooting without a sight picture, or not focusing on the sight picture.-Sight picture - Allows for good accuracy with practice. When one brings the drawstring to, or close to the face, and uses the same position with each shot, one can adjust their aim accordingly.

and the Recurve:

However, there are different bows for different purposes.Generally, archers practice the sport outdoors in a field [like a football field] or in a forested area, but sometimes it is also done in an inside facility.

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