Archers-Middle Ages

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Archers-Middle Ages

William The Conqueror

Middle Age

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Archers in the Middle Ages

In 1066 , William the Conqueror (soon to be King of Europe) went to battle against King Harold. What does this have to do with archers? William the Conqueror ordered his archers to aim their arrows high but at an angle. An arrow hit King Harold in the eye (because the medicine back then was not good enough he soon died.) Archers in the Middle ages trained on special grounds called Butts. Their clothing/accessories involved: bow and arrows, leather tunics, quiver, etc. Most European archers had long bows but others, had crossbows. Crossbow archers usually had shields to guard them as they reloaded (it took a while to reload but not as slow as a musket.) Archers were rarely paid but they were usually allowed to take things from the body that they had taken down. Archers were put were their arrows would do most damage to the enemy. An archer had a rough life especially when they were captured by the enemy (they would get their finger cut off so that they could not fire a bow.)

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How archers were a big factor in the Middle Ages


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