Archer, Baby Doe Tabor

by 4Hulstrom
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Archer, Baby Doe Tabor

Baby doe was born in Oshkash, Wisconsin and her parents were irish travelers. Her and her first husband were on a waygon to go to the silver rush at the age 21.

me and my husband owned a mine. it was the coldest winter yet and i was found dead and frozen to death. my grave is with my husband so we can be together either dead or alive.1854-1935

how I meet my husband was we were both looking for gold he was with his wife Augustus and he deivorced her and me and horace dated secrately. are wedding was not a big weddding my dress was worth $7,000 and are invatations were made of pear silver. And the silver rush began!

i was a buatiful girl and very rich because I started the silver rush in colorado with my husband horace tabor.

my huband had finachel problems because of the mine and be went from riches people to poor. in 1899 my husband died i was left pennyless in rags....

i had many nick names my original name is Elizabith mcCourt,and as son as i got married to horace my name was baby doe tagor. Finnaly when i found silver i was named the silver queen.

i studied to go to Harvord buit when i came to colorado i decited to go to Colorado university in boulder.

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    Loved your story...Great JOB!